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This blog has tips to break up your memory keeping/preserving project into fun and easy steps, with huge progress by the end of the year.
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Three female generations

Memories for Mom

This Mother’s Day, give the women in your life the gift of time and memories that are found in the family’s cherished photos. Ask most mothers what they want for Mother’s Day and a majority will tell you all they want is time with their family. They’ll adamantly insist they don’t need another thing in […]

Cluttered Desk

Keeping It Simple

The many. many aspects of safeguarding our family history can each open an interesting and lengthy conversation on the lives in our family. Keeping it simple can have many benefits. Let’s start with cleaning up the papers you left on your work table from other weeks. Double check the work you’ve already done. Has anything changed in making […]


Declutter. Get Organized

Take a new route to getting organized and declutter your home this year. by Mary Danielsen: Documented Legacy, LLC Has your resolve to getting your house in order and uncluttering zig zagged between hot and cold like a polar vortex making its circuitous way around your home until it fizzles out and goes back into […]

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