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Three female generationsThis Mother’s Day, give the women in your life the gift of time and memories that are found in the family’s cherished photos.

Ask most mothers what they want for Mother’s Day and a majority will tell you all they want is time with their family. They’ll adamantly insist they don’t need another thing in their homes to collect dust. Yet, we want to honor the women in our lives who raise our children and bind families together. They are the heartbeat of our households, as they tackle the toughest job with the greatest honor.

No mom ever said she’s done collecting hugs and I love you notes.

Make this Mother’s Day more meaningful by giving the women in your life heartfelt messages of love and hope for tomorrow. Remind them that the bond of family unity will continue, because of the love they shared and examples they set for you. Gifts that evoke those fond memories are always smile makers. As cliché as it sounds, it is the thought that counts.

Mothers Day Stories in Voice and Image with Flip-PalPersonalized gifts always top the charts. They’re unique to your family. You can spend little to lots of money creating them. They require your time to get them done, which is what mom will remember. For great idea starters download our 10 Ideas for Great Gifts Using Family Photos. We love them all, from photo puzzles to collages, clothing, tote bags, photo books, jewelry and more.

Now let’s add to the list. Think words and photos. When you think of your mother, what comes to mind? What matters to her? How can you preserve that image? Whatever you do, make it tender and memorable. Use the new StoryScans talking images feature of the Flip-Pal mobile scanner and record your own voice onto an image. This is a wonderful gift she will treasure always. Think about recording the grandkids voices as they are at this age. They will be excited to participate in this present!

Mothers Day Gift from Flip-Pal

Click image to download the letter to mom

Mom wants time, especially when her children have reached adulthood. She wants to know you love and appreciate her. Tell her in a note. As an example, I once wrote my mother a letter for my 48th birthday, listing all the reasons why I appreciate my life. Your note doesn’t have to be elaborate, but mix it with some of your favorite photos. Make it personal. Again, you can record this note now and skip the typed version – especially if Mom’s eyesight is not great. She’d love hearing your voice and she can play it over and over again using the StoryScans feature. (see above)

You know your mom best. Make this week about her.

No matter what medium you use, keep it sentimental and thoughtful. Use your stories and photos to cheer mom on. She loves a good memory.

Make a list of all the things you value about your mother. List the life lessons you’ve learned from her and now use in your own home. She’ll appreciate that you were listening to all her mom’isms.

Is your mother a jokester or does she have a great sense of humor? If mom’s laugh is legendary, make it echo by reliving those bellyaching moments. Create a soundtrack jar filled with funny stories and photos. You’ll laugh all year and the jar will grow.

Mothers Day Gift of Time Certificate

     Click image to download certificate


The gift of time can be the hardest gift to give when our schedules are so full. Yet, it can also be the most meaningful, particularly for senior parents. Make your own gift certificate to give to mom.

Many personalized gift ideas require you to have digitized photos. Now may be the time to invest in a Flip-Pal mobile scanner. Use it to digitize the images you’d like for the gift you give her and then present the scanner to her as a gift to begin a larger family history project together. Don’t just hand her the workload. Make this a gift of time you do together over time. Mom will love your attention. You won’t regret it.

The benefit of bringing a Flip-Pal mobile scanner into the gift-giving mix is that it’s portable, versatile and super lightweight. If mom isn’t good with a computer or doesn’t own one, you can help. She can scan images and take the memory card to a local photo center to download onto a DVD. You can mail memory cards back and forth to each other. You can also create an extended-family project by mailing the scanner between households. The packaging for the Flip-Pal mobile scanner is designed to protect it in storage and shipping. It’s reusable.

Mother's Day fun puzzleRemember if mom has grandchildren, she’ll love scanning and telling stories together with them. Grab an audio recorder to capture the moments. When multiple generations work together to preserve family history – and create new projects – it builds a stronger family-centric bond. Perhaps in the creation of personalized gifts you could have the grandchildren write their own letter to mom paired with photos or artwork. Let their precious handwriting and optional grammar skills roll.

Get out your inner artist. If you’re using your scanner for last-minute gift ideas, use your Flip-Pal Sketch Kit over the top of a photo you’re scanning. Use the black and red multicolored erasable markers to annotate a message or illustrate the photo.

For all the moms, mom friends and people who mother you, today is about giving thanks. Happy Mother’s Day!

adapted from an article written by Mary Danielsen of Documented Legacy

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