Why do you sell the Flip-Pal mobile scanner without software on a separate CD?

Unlike most other scanners, the Flip-Pal mobile scanner does not require a connection to a computer to scan. It will save the scans to the SD card.
The Flip-Pal Toolbox software is located on the SD card rather than a separate CD. Included in the Toolbox is the Flip-Pal EasyStitch, color correction, cropping, and rotation software. This software does not have to be installed on the computer – it is available to you wherever you take your Flip-Pal.

We currently offer two DVDs that can be purchased bundled with the scanner. We are pleased to offer these to you priced significantly less than if you were to purchase the included software separately.

What software suite is right for me?

Click here for a comparison between the two DVDs.

How do I keep my Toolbox up to date?

The Toolbox software will check to see if your version is up-to-date automatically. Instructions on how to update your Toolbox on the SD card is under the Support tab.

Why does my scanner scan the whole bed? My desktop scanner lets me choose to scan just the picture.

The Flip-Pal always scans the entire 4×6″ bed. You then use cropping tools to select just that portion that contains the picture. The ability to crop during the scan is a feature of the computer’s software.