200 Photos in 90 Minutes

200 photosWe discovered a box of vintage photos ideal for sharing and did a quick project, scanning over 200 photos in just 90 minutes using our two Flip-Pal scanners. Twelve of those photos were 5×7″ and we stitched those in less than 10 minutes.

I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up photos, probably 8 hours, using Photoshop. I cleaned up dust and scratches, adjusted exposure as needed, and used the healing tool to clean up defects from damage to the photo.

Then we tried to identify who we could and renamed the files according with YYYY-MM-DD {People’s names}.jpg. A few of the photos had notes on them, either on the photo itself or on the back, that help with identification. Some were of relatives that we had known at some point in their lives and we could recognize them our self. Others were similar enough to other photos that we had acquired earlier that we could identify them that way. Most of the pictures were taken in Salida where her Dad was born – mostly family, but some were friends or neighbors or old girlfriends; Some are of family members who stayed in Italy; Others are of a branch of the family that moved from Salida to Colusa, CA.

I uploaded the results to an album onĀ Google Photos and sent out invites to cousins and older relatives. It was fun to see from some of the comments how excited people were to see the pictures and contact other family members to help identify.

There are a few older relatives still remaining who might have met some of the people in the pictures first hand. We visited a 90-plus relative in Cheyenne, and she was quite animated and even emotional to see some of the pictures. We have a 92-year-old cousin from Grand Junction who is related both to her father’s father and her father’s mother, over the phone while he followed along on his computer.

[Editors note: Article written by an owner of one of the very first Flip-Pal mobile scanners in 2010.]

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