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C-I-C-I-C StarThe Flip-Pal team produces patented solutions that solve everyday problems, are simple to operate so many can use them, and have a combination of benefits that are not available anywhere else.

We do this in order to enrich lives.

We are an intentional, values-based organization. Character counts. Whether at a personal, professional, or institutional level, our CICIC values are the principles that we believe in and strive for in our vocation while on this earth.

Courage and Integrity

  • To do what is right
  • To speak forthrightly
  • High standards of business and personal conduct
  • Decision making with transparency and accountability


  • Open sharing of information and ideas
  • Adding to each other’s ideas
  • Egoless
  • Leadership team comprised of people knowledgeable about the work that needs to be done
  • Loyal
  • Supportive and motivational


  • Customer-focused
  • Practical
  • Uses demonstrated technology, oftentimes off-the-shelf, but applied in a novel way
  • Results in an exceptional user experience.
  • Achieves at least a 98% customer recommend rating.
  • Makes a difference in the customer’s quality of life


  • For each other
  • For the environment
  • For the community
  • With a global perspective

The members of the Flip-Pal team might describe the DNA as:

  • I make a contribution with the work I do.
  • I co-create the profile of products and solutions.
  • I am accountable to myself, my coworkers, and the shareholders/investors
    for the decisions that I am empowered and equipped to make.
  • I recommend working on the Flip-Pal team to my closest friends and family.
  • I share in the success of our endeavor.
  • We succeed together by working in unison.

About Couragent, Inc

Couragent, Inc is the exclusive supplier worldwide of the Flip-Pal mobile scanner products, software, and services.

It was selected from nearly 400 companies competing to be named one of 2012’s Colorado Companies to Watch.

The company name, Couragent, can be pronounced as either Courage·nt, reflecting Courage as our first value, or as Cour·Agent, reflecting our members as Agents with Heart.Gordon and Mac

Gordon Nuttall, Founder and CEO

Gordon Nuttall has founded three other small businesses and four non-profits. His successes include digital cameras, desktop scanners, consumer products software, multi-function peripherals, fax, and personal mass storage.

A message from Gordon:
“I have learned that the best products come not from a solitary inventor, but rather through the collaboration of a team who share a purpose and genuinely enjoy working with each other. That is why Collaboration is the ‘middle C’ reference point of our C • I • C • I • C values. The Flip-Pal mantra of: Connecting Lives… Collecting Memories… Anywhere… Anytime comes from our purpose to use our talents and time while on this earth to enrich lives.”

Contact Us

Couragent, Inc.
117 E Mountain Ave
suite 222
Fort Collins, CO  80524

phone: 970.420.2408
fax: 866.313.6660

Contact: support@flip-pal.com | 970-221-7223 | webmaster@flip-pal.com
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