About Us

C-I-C-I-C StarThe Flip-Pal team produces patented solutions that solve everyday problems, are simple to operate so many can use them, and have a combination of benefits that are not available anywhere else.

We do this in order to enrich lives.

We are an intentional, values-based organization. Character counts. Whether at a personal, professional, or institutional level, our CICIC values are the principles that we believe in and strive for in our vocation while on this earth.

Courage and Integrity

  • To do what is right
  • To speak forthrightly
  • High standards of business and personal conduct
  • Decision making with transparency and accountability


  • Open sharing of information and ideas
  • Adding to each other’s ideas
  • Egoless
  • Leadership team comprised of people knowledgeable about the work that needs to be done
  • Loyal
  • Supportive and motivational


  • Customer-focused
  • Practical
  • Uses demonstrated technology, oftentimes off-the-shelf, but applied in a novel way
  • Results in an exceptional user experience.
  • Achieves at least a 98% customer recommend rating.
  • Makes a difference in the customer’s quality of life


  • For each other
  • For the environment
  • For the community
  • With a global perspective

The members of the Flip-Pal team might describe the DNA as:

  • I make a contribution with the work I do.
  • I co-create the profile of products and solutions.
  • I am accountable to myself, my coworkers, and the shareholders/investors
    for the decisions that I am empowered and equipped to make.
  • I recommend working on the Flip-Pal team to my closest friends and family.
  • I share in the success of our endeavor.
  • We succeed together by working in unison

Contact: support@flip-pal.com | 970-221-7223 | webmaster@flip-pal.com
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