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We are grateful for our close associations with these people, experts in their fields, who support and endorse the Flip-Pal mobile scanner. To learn more about each of them, scroll down and follow the link.

Documented LegacyMary V. Danielsen : Documented Legacy

Documented Legacy helps people and businesses record aspects of their personal history by documenting their experiences, values, beliefs, and charitable decisions through storytelling and the organization of archives and heirlooms. The company conducts audio and video interviews to produce as oral histories, celebrations, written life stories, ethical wills and memoirs.

Mary was recently honored with a Community Service Award for her work with the Hurricane Sandy photo recovery project in 2012. Click here to read more, and click here to watch a video produced by FEMA.

Anne Bradshaw : True Miracles With Genealogy

True Miracles

Anne has published seven books—including “Famous Family Nights,” “Please, No Zits! & Other Short Stories,” a young adult mystery titled “Dingo”, and Volumes One and Two of “True Miracles with Genealogy,”  Volume One was a 2011 Global eBook Finalist and Volume Two was a 2012 Global eBook Winner.  She co-wrote the screen play “The Ardanea Pendant” which won Hollywood’s International Family Film Festival’s Fantasy/Sci-Fi section in 2008.

Anne was born in Caernarvon, Wales, and grew up in England. She has lived in the United States for sixteen years, and has enjoyed forty-plus years of genealogy.

Listen to her interview on KCSG TV. 
Her appearance on the Matt Townsend Radio Show.

Peggy Lauritzen : Anxiously Engaged
Genealogy Author, Lecturer, Speaker

Peggy Clemens Lauritzen, AG, is a native of central Ohio, but her roots run deep into the south.  Her parents were excellent genealogists, and one of her favorite photos is of her mother on the way to transcribe a cemetery just four days before Peggy was born!

Peggy is a frequent speaker at genealogy workshops, seminars and jamborees. Her presentation topics include:

  • Following the Money – Using Tax Records to Age and Place Our Ancestors
  • Homespun and Calico – Tracing our Foremothers
  • In a Granite Mountain – Using to Further Your Research
  • Away, I’m Bound Away…
  • German Migration Into The Ohio
  • Planning An Effective Cemetery Research Trip
  • Migration Trails to the Ohio
  • The War of 1812 – America’s “Forgotten” War
  • Up in Smoke!  What to do When the Courthouse Burns

Member of: Association of Professional Genealogists, ICAPGen, GeneaWebinars, Association of Graveyard Rabbits, Genealogy Wise, Ohio Genealogical Society, Fold3
Accredited Genealogist and AG are certification marks of the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen). Genealogists licensed to use the marks have met the competency standards of ICAPGe

Download Peggy’s flyer!

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