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Flip-Pal-CaresThis page provides resources that the Flip-Pal mobile scanner team has accumulated for preparing for fire or water incidents, and rescuing photos damaged by water. Those incidents can be large-scale natural disasters, or everyday accidents  like coffee spills or fireplace fires.


We hope no one has to use these e-guides. It is always better to be prepared before a disaster happens. These e-quides were developed after our Flip-Pal Cares team helped with photo restoration efforts in New Jersey in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Volunteers there recovered over 40,000 water-damaged photos using Flip-Pal mobile scanners, and over 8,000 in the Colorado floods.

Download Rescuing Water Damaged Photos e-guide Download Rescuing Water Damaged Photos e-Guide
Download E-Guide Download a list of important records or documents to have digital copies of in your Grab and Go file in case you are forced to leave your home in an emergency.
Download E-Guide Download an e-guide on how to scan various types of water-damaged and muddy memorabilia. It has short videos for 8×10″ photos, photos in frames, photos in plastic sleeves, and birth certificates.

Videos and Webinars

Click here for videos describing rinsing and drying water-damaged photos.

Click here to watch webinars on Preparing for Fire, Backup using 3-2-1, and Rebuilding Your Family History.


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Recommended scan-and-backup solution

Backup Value PackThe Picture Keeper is an amazingly easy to use backup tool. The included software keeps track of previously copied images so that the next time you plug it into your computer it detects any new pictures you’ve scanned and copies them to the thumb drive! Back up all your scans and photos to the Picture Keeper and then put it in a safety deposit box at your bank. At the beginning of each month, get your Picture Keeper from your safety deposit box, plug it into your computer and it will automatically backup any new scanned items.

The Flip-Pal Backup Bundle includes the Flip-Pal mobile scanner, Deluxe Carry Case, Cleaning Cloth, and Picture Keeper PK8. Click here to purchase one.

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