As They Grow

As They Grow[Editors note: Roger Lehman describes recording your kid’s childhoods as they grow.]

Thanks to modern technology, it’s easier than ever before to preserve important family moments. When it comes to recording your kids’ childhoods as they grow, one of the best tools available is the StoryScans feature of the Flip-Pal mobile scanner.  This easy method for combining high-quality images with audio narration is an ideal way to capture all the best parts of your experience as a parent.

Is There Any Event More Deserving Of Preserving?

From the moment you hear the news that you have a baby on the way, you can feel your life changing around you. It’s an exciting, frightening, exhilarating time and no other part of your life is ever going to feel quite the same. Wouldn’t it be great to take hold of all the best moments of your child’s early years and keep them forever?

Creating StoryScans talking images with the Flip-Pal mobile scanner is the perfect way to document your journey in the world of parenthood. You can get started even before your child is born! Make a record of how you feel in the months leading up to your child’s arrival. These are unique times that will never come again.
Babys footprints

Creating A Vibrant, Permanent Record

Keep your Flip-Pal scanner handy throughout your child’s growing years. The easy-to-use, fully portable technology makes it easy to capture images at any time, in any place. The Flip-Pal works with a lot more than just photos, too. Preserve your child’s drawings, lessons, certificates, and even medals.

The StoryScans feature lets you add audio to the images you capture, producing a far more in-depth memento than a mere digital image. Never lose track of an image’s importance again! The recordings you make are a permanent part of your StoryScans files, ensuring that your words are preserved right along with your cherished sights.

Capture your baby’s footprint, and record her priceless cooing sound that happens only at this phase of her life.

StoryScans images talk. Yours can too!How The Technology Works

The Flip-Pal scanner is specifically designed for portability and ease of use. Its see-through design allows you to scan virtually anything with minimum preparation and zero hassle. The scanner can interface with your computer through either a conventional SD storage card or with the even more convenient, wireless upgrade.

StoryScans talking images are created with the Toolbox software provided on the SD card, or mobile apps for iOS and Android. The files are recorded in high definition (HD) to preserve outstanding visual and audio quality without eating up too much storage space. Best of all, StoryScans files are saved in the universally accessible .MP4 format, ensuring that you and anyone you share your StoryScans files with will always be able to see and hear them.

Getting The Most Out Of Your StoryScans

As noted above, StoryScans files are saved in a compact, accessible file format. This makes them ideal for sharing and small enough to be sent via email or even delivered wirelessly to mobile devices. Keep your extended family in the loop with rich updates on the clan’s youngest members!

When your children grow older, make sure you share the memories you’ve created with them. It’s a great way to remind them of everything you’ve experienced together and it can help keep the bonds of family strong even as your children grow up. In years to come, it’s likely that your children will take the StoryScans you have created and incorporate them into the histories of their own new families.

Every childhood is unique, and each has magical moments that deserve to be treasured forever. Don’t let the opportunity to capture these golden memories pass you by! Learning how to make StoryScans with your Flip-Pal will allow you to record all of the joy and excitement of your child’s growth for years to come. You will be glad you took such wise steps to preserve this crucial part of your life and your children will appreciate it, too!

About the Author: Roger Lehman writes and plays music in his spare time, and runs a site that gives you the latest reviews and information on blenders to help you make the right choice.

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