Black Crow Inn Reunion

Here we illustrate an email exchange between class reunion volunteers. It’s easier now with StoryScans talking images!

From: Sonja Black
To: John and Karen
Re: Reunion
Black Crow Inn Crowd

From: John and Karen
To: Sonja Black
Re: Reunion

Wow! We were so excited to get your email and hear your voice too! You sound the same Sonja!! How did you do that? Loved your idea about using The Black Crow Inn – we were just going to take a visit there this Sunday and check out the rooms and of course their famous buffet… we hear the Bloody Marys will make it a stellar Sunday for sure.

So YES – we’d love your help and your enthusiasm too! It was nice for you to reach out – and hear your voice too! Great picture of your sister’s reunion – thanks for sharing.

We were thinking of using this system you have to make a sort of digital memory album for the event. We thought of video but it’s kind of awkward to have someone taking video and people get intimidated by video and freeze up – don’t know what to say. And some people don’t want you sharing their drinking activities all over social media . . . so we need to have a filter and the image system with the voice telling a story is a real cool, new idea.

We can all take pictures at the event and then do the voice overs like you are doing….and make a combined album! What do you think? How do we do this image and voice thing??

– John and Karen

To: John and Karen
From: Sonja Black
Re: Reunion and Flip-Pal mobile scanner with StoryScans

Black Crow Reunion Invite

Let me know if you have any questions! I can walk you through it! Call me about the reunion – let’s get everyone together for a GREAT TIME! (By the way – why not open our reunion to the years around us as well……get more people? – just a thought)

Stay in touch you two!! And here is the link to the Flip-Pal site

I would get a bundle so you have all the tools you need… it’s a better deal!

Your voice conveys the real meaning of the story, even when it simply projects the enthusiasm you have for helping out with a reunion! Make all your email communications easy with images and voice.

When your friends hear your voice, they tend to listen. A long, drawn out email is not as effective as it once was – step up to voice and image together . . . it’s not quite like peanut butter and chocolate, but as a means of communication, it’s pretty darn sweet.


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