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This blog has stories about connecting with your extended family and friends through the memories captured in your photographs and other cherished memorabilia.

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Dads: Save Your Family Heritage for Those Grandkids!

[Editor’s note: Bob Keesy shares some of his experiences saving family stories for his grandkids.] How different it is now for our children in this digital age than it was for us and our parents.  My dad was the photographer in my family. I remember him using the simple black box point and shoot camera […]


Grandmoms: Create Your Family’s History

You are a keeper of your family’s memories. You probably remember your own grandparents telling you stories of their childhood—their struggles, triumphs, and what it was like growing up back then. And you loved it all. Well now it’s your turn. Connect the past to the present by creating your story. Don’t know where to start? […]

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Choosing Items For Scanning While Traveling

I had the pleasure of helping Joan with the trip she is taking to Europe this summer to visit relatives and collect and share pictures and stories of their family. Some of her family members have Apple computers, some have Windows computers, and some have neither. All have a mobile device, either iOS or Android. […]

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