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This blog has stories about connecting with your extended family and friends through the memories captured in your photographs and other cherished memorabilia.


Grammy on the Go! – part 2

[Editor’s note: Flip-Pal Ambassador Peggy Lauritzen looks at her own family’s story and her reasons for why “Flip-Pal goes where I go.”] I love being known as “Grammy”. It’s a wonderful title that I cherish. I can’t help but reflect back on how wonderful my own parents were as grandparents, and how I always felt […]

2013-06-11 14.58.34_edited-1

Save Your Family Stories for Those Grandkids!

[Editor’s note: Bob Keesy shares some of his experiences saving family stories for his grandkids.] How different it is now for our children in this digital age than it was for us and our parents.  My dad was the photographer in my family. I remember him using the simple black box point and shoot camera […]

Grandpa with grandkids

Grandparents : Are You The Generational Bridge in Your Family?

[Editor’s note: Genealogy expert Thomas MacEntee discusses a grandparent role being a generational bridge]. Do you remember spending time and talking with your own grandparents? What do you recall from those chats and about those family members who were important in your life? More importantly, do your own grandchildren know how important your grandparents were […]

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