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Digital Crafters and Scrapbookers share their experiences about creative inspirations, tricks of the trade, and how to capture special memories for others.

owl doorstop

Five Quick Sewing Projects that Make Great Gifts

[Editors note: Written by Helen of] Everyone loves a present from the heart, because it shows how much you care for them. Don’t know what kind of gift to make? Here are a few suggestions. Tote bow bag This gift is both beautiful and practical. It’s also quite stylish which makes it great for […]

Scanner bottom with guidelines

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Stitching

[Editors note: Written by Rachel – the Titus 2 Homemaker.] As an avid genealogist, I found the Flip-Pal mobile scanner while looking for scanning solutions that balanced ease and quality. As a homeschooler, I was excited by all the possibilities it presents for additional applications – like compiling portfolios of the kids’ work.  Including even […]


History of Scrapbooking

Many people think that scrapbooking is a recent phenomenon, but the history albums, recognizable as something that we’d call a scrapbook today, dates back to not only before the invention of photography – but also to before the origin of the word “scrapbook” itself. Scrapbooking is rooted in the history of printed images and also […]

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