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Digital Crafters and Scrapbookers share their experiences about creative inspirations, tricks of the trade, and how to capture special memories for others.


Creating Great Family Photo Gifts

[Editor’s note: Wondering what to do with all those scanned family photos? Thomas MacEntee shares his ideas to help spark your creativity.] I know what you’re saying…“It’s too early for Christmas!” or “I can’t believe the holidays are here already!” I often feel the same way around the end of October and I tend to […]

Back to School

Back to school scrapbooking

[Editor’s Note: Flip-Pal Ambassador Carrie Keele takes a look at the basics of digital scrapbook software just in time for back to school.] I love this time of year. Always have, always will. My eyes sparkle when I see the rows of folders, glue sticks and pencils lining the shelves at the store. I love […]

Card for mom

The Gift of Remembered Life Stories

Remembered life stories is a heartfelt gift – ideal for Moms. This is Mother’s Day season when we thank our Moms and all the great women who have positively shaped our lives and influenced the individuals we are today.  Remembered life stories is a heartfelt gift – ideal for Moms. Collect a special collection of your […]

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