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Digital Crafters and Scrapbookers share their experiences about creative inspirations, tricks of the trade, and how to capture special memories for others.


Create Photo Borders Scanning Fabric

Genealogy blogger Lorine McGinnis Schulze of Olive Tree Genealogy has come up with a great way to use the Flip-Pal to create fantastic photo borders and mats incorporating scans of fabric and other textures. Does your family have a favorite chair or sofa with a unique fabric, one that brings back memories? What about a […]

mobile scanner for quilts


How a Quilter Can Put a Flip-Pal to Use – In So Many Different Ways!    by Annie Mccarthy 1) Organize all your stuff on the computer 2) When shopping; finding exactly the fabric / print you’re looking for 3) Getting a good-quality image to print images on fabric Now, let me explain each of those […]

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