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grandfather with daughter looking at photos

Home for the Holidays: Am I Really Ready?

As I walked up to the familiar door, I fumbled for an old key that I have had since my teenage years. It was stuffed away in my wallet, back in a neglected section where I kept old family photos, a note from Grandpa before he passed and jottings on my ever changing “bucket list.” […]


Summer Gatherings

For many of us, the season of vacation travel and various gatherings that involve close friends and family is upon us. Whether your family and friends are together to watch the Olympics, celebrate 4’th of July, reunite for a family reunion, or just enjoy a beautiful day, these events are the perfect opportunity to share […]

macentee fb ancestor album 02

A Virtual Reunion Using Facebook

[Editor’s note: Thomas MacEntee of shares his experience posting family photos on Facebook and the reaction from cousins he’s never even met. He can record those reactions and combine them with the photo and form StoryScans talking images,] I was searching for additional photos of my great-grandparents, Richard Henneberg (1888-1941) and Frances Pressner (1889-1960). […]

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