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Diane Miller in Sweden

Genealogists and Flip-Pal converge in Köping, Sweden

[Editors note: Some 5,000 genealogists from all over Sweden will converge in Köping for the National Swedish Genealogy Conference and Exhibit (Släktforskardagarna 2013) from August 23-25. Each year one member organization is chosen to organize this event and this year the Western Mälardalen Genealogy Society (VMS) was selected. This event also marks the official introduction […]

Scanning photographs, documents and other memories for an event

Finding a good scanner is essential when getting ready for an event such as graduation, wedding, 1-year birthday, or bar mitzva. A large part of this process is collecting old photographs, pictures and variety of documents. In the past these items have been kept in folders, filing cabinets, envelopes and other physical containers. These time […]


Resolutions: Think Big!

[Editor’s note: Flip-Pal AmbassadorThomas MacEntee provides his list of family history-related resolutions.] Have you ever actually looked at those New Year’s resolutions you made last year or the year before—especially those related to your family history projects? I don’t recommend it unless you can be completely honest with yourself and are willing to take inventory […]

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