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Flip-Pal mobile scanner uses SD card to store images

Life Celebration Ignites Electron Cowgirl

by Diane Miller When my mom passed away, I realized that I was the history keeper of my entire family. As my sister and brother and I collected pictures and stories for her eulogy at her celebration of life, I not only had the the most stories, but also the most pictures. At that point, […]


Of Aliens and Ancestors – World UFO Day

In celebration of World UFO Day, Flip-Pal asks: have you ever thought about an ancestral connection to UFOs and aliens? Did you have ancestors with a family story concerning a UFO sighting? Is the story documented in any way, perhaps by the US Government? One way to find out is by researching the Project Blue […]

Pink Edition Lid

Medical Genealogy

“People who have breast cancer and those that are helping others fight this disease truly embody the concepts of Courage and Integrity.” —Gordon Nuttall, Co-Founder and CEO Genealogy expert Thomas MacEntee of GeneaBloggers discusses the importance of knowing your family’s medical genealogy during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What Do You Know About Your Family’s […]

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