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Preserving Military Memories

[Editor’s note: Genealogy expert Thomas MacEntee of High-Definition Genealogy shares his family’s own story of a World War II era veteran and a condolence certificate signed by President Harry Truman.] Several years ago, I came upon a variety of family photos and documents when cleaning out my mother’s house in New York. Many of these […]


Using Newspapers in Genealogy Research

Article by Newspapers have been around for centuries and are a wonderful tool for genealogy research. The very first newspaper ever printed in America was edited and published by none other than Benjamin Franklin’s older brother James. Before that, European nations printed weekly or monthly gazettes and other publically distributed publications, each with their […]

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Down an English Genealogy Lane

[Editor’s note: Flip-Pal Ambassador Anne Bradshaw visits with her mother after traveling to England to see her.] In November this year, I took a trip down an English genealogy lane. I flew to England to visit my mother, Eve Tozer, who is nearly 102-years-old. Eve suffered several mini-strokes late October, and was confined to bed after some 37,105 […]

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