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John McCrickert and Elizabeth McGinnes

Responsible Online Family Photo Sharing

[Editor’s note: Genealogy expert Thomas MacEntee discusses some of the issues involved in sharing family photos online.] Given recent discussions in the genealogy community concerning copyright, theft of content and better ways to share family history research, the discussion always makes its way to the topic of copyright and family photographs. A disclaimer: the information below […]


Scanning Funeral Cards

[Editor’s note: Genealogy expert Thomas MacEntee discusses the history and importance of funeral cards for genealogy research and shows ways to share the digitized images with family members and the public.] One of the more precious discoveries that I’ve come across when cleaning out a loved one’s home after they’ve passed away is an envelope of […]


Witness to History: The Ephemera of Our Lives

[Editor’s note: Genealogy expert Thomas MacEntee highlights some seemingly insignificant items you may have in your family archives and why they matter to your family history.] As family historians, we tend to handle quite a bit of paper in the form of vital records, photographs and documents. If we are lucky, we also get to peruse family […]

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