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This blog is about genealogy and family history.

Genealogy Services – Are They Right For You?

The past – our past – is a rich resource of knowledge that can help us gain a deeper understanding as well as greater insight into who we are as determined by the people who have stood in time before us. Thus, delving into the study of genealogy, although painstakingly slow in progress at times, […]

Family History: Help & Resources

The best kind of treasure hunt is seeking the pieces of your family’s history, visiting them in preserved photos and documents, connecting the dots, and then passing the found stories along to the next generation. And there is no better time to begin than right now before schools reopen. As Studs Terkel reminds us: “We’re […]

Ancestor Day, sponsored by the Sudbury Historical Society

Family Plots Reports

I’ve recently started a company, Family Plots, that does family history publishing for clients. One of the first hurdles we’ve encountered is that potential clients don’t want their photographs, pictures, and scrapbooks to leave their homes. With Flip-Pal, I can scan on location without having to lug around a laptop and a scanner or set […]

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