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This blog has tips to break up your memory keeping/preserving project into fun and easy steps.

Purple Heart

Safeguard Military Medals

By Mary V. Danielsen of Documented Legacy As with any personal life story, only a veteran can tell the complete story of what it was like to experience serving in the United States Armed Forces and being a moment in our American history. Few families, however, possess their military veteran’s complete records, medals and certificates […]

USB drives

Review Your Backup Devices

By Mary V. Danielsen of Documented Legacy Whether you have one external hard drive, a handful of USB flash drives, an archival box of DVDs and CDs, or a home network server, this is a good week to double check and ensure they are functioning properly. You can replace technology, but you can’t recapture the […]

Two women and a little girl

Memories for Mom

Make this Mother’s Day more meaningful by giving the women in your life heartfelt messages of love, remembrances of her past, and hope for tomorrow. Remind them that the bond of family unity will continue, because of the love they shared and examples they set for you. Gifts that evoke those fond memories are always […]

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