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This blog has tips to break up your memory keeping/preserving project into fun and easy steps.

Getting Organized

Organize Valuable Household Items and Collectibles

by Mary V. Danielsen:  Documented Legacy, LLC In an organized world you would have already compiled and digitized valuable household items as part of a plan for fire preparation, and for protection of your estate. If you haven’t done it yet, make this the time to digitize those family heirlooms,  historic documents, letters, jewelry, art, […]

photo album and old camera

It’s 2019, Do You Know Where Your Photos Are?

The above question was the headline in a recent  New York Times article, and the conclusion was, NO, most of us don’t! Technology has made the process of connecting with our family photos very difficult. In the past, we just had to drive a roll of film to the one-hour processing lab to experience the […]

Purple Heart

Safeguard Military Medals

By Mary V. Danielsen of Documented Legacy As with any personal life story, only a veteran can tell the complete story of what it was like to experience serving in the United States Armed Forces and being a moment in our American history. Few families, however, possess their military veteran’s complete records, medals and certificates […]

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