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This blog has tips to break up your memory keeping/preserving project into fun and easy steps.

Unorganized Box

Declutter. Get Organized

Has your resolve to declutter your house zig zagged between hot and cold, making its circuitous way around your home until it fizzles out and goes back into hiding in your attic and basement? Instead of fretting about the severe weather and watching endless streams of weather updates, let’s consider a organized approach to your […]

Kids Album 3

Cherish Your Child’s Schoolwork

by Tracey DuBois, creator of If you have young kids in school, you know that the sheer amount of “keepsakes” is completely overwhelming! It seems the younger the kids are, the more they bring home. And, as parents, we find every piece to be brilliant works of art and poetry. We want to cherish […]

daughter and grandmother

Holiday Gatherings with Elders

As we move into the holidays and our free time dissipates, it seems easier to put off working on any family history projects until mid January. Now is precisely the time to collect family memories, however, while we are getting together in large groups. Spend some time creating a list of questions you’ve been meaning […]

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