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The posts in this blog describe how to preserve and safeguard your photos and documents. Be prepared for loss such as a natural disaster.

200 photos

200 Photos in 90 Minutes

We discovered a box of vintage photos ideal for sharing and did a quick project, scanning over 200 photos in just 90 minutes using our two Flip-Pal scanners. Twelve of those photos were 5×7″ and we stitched those in less than 10 minutes. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up photos, probably 8 […]

A Passion for Helping Disaster Victims

[Editor’s note: Flip-Pal user James Coffeen sent a letter to suggesting a plan for action when devastation strikes and fires, floods and tornadoes threaten the loss of precious family photos.] There is something I’d like to do. Several years ago, at a retirement home, I started scanning old photos for both residents and employees. One reason I did […]

Box of Photos

Top Reasons to Scan Your Photos

Here are 5 top reasons to scan your photos – before it is too late! #1 The Clock is Ticking Your memories of the past are currently fighting for survival. Regardless of how well you stored your old photographs, film, or slides; they have already begun to deteriorate extensively. Much like the years you took […]

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