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The posts in this blog describe how to preserve and safeguard your photos and documents. Be prepared for loss such as a natural disaster.

house fire

Inventory Your Possessions

As the global climate changes, have you wondered what you would do if your home was destroyed by fire, flood, tornado, earth quake or any other natural event? Like most of us, you may think the probability of something happening to you is slim to none – it only happens to other people. Right?   […]

Save Your Photos Bundle

Preserve Holiday Traditions at Family Gatherings

Written by Mary V. Danielsen of Documented Legacy One of the best parts about gathering with family and friends throughout the holidays is how easily we catch up on each others’ lives, discuss future plans, reminisce about the past and generally enjoy the company of people we care about. These great gatherings should be remembered […]

200 photos

200 Photos in 90 Minutes

We discovered a box of vintage photos ideal for sharing and did a quick project, scanning over 200 photos in just 90 minutes using our two Flip-Pal scanners. Twelve of those photos were 5×7″ and we stitched those in less than 10 minutes. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up photos, probably 8 […]

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