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The posts in this blog describe how to preserve and safeguard your photos and documents. Be prepared for loss such as a natural disaster.

Box of Photos

Top Reasons to Scan Your Photos

Here are 5 top reasons to scan your photos – before it is too late! #1 The Clock is Ticking Your memories of the past are currently fighting for survival. Regardless of how well you stored your old photographs, film, or slides; they have already begun to deteriorate extensively. Much like the years you took […]

Unorganized Box

Hints for Sorting and Organizing

Organizing your memorabilia, documents photos and heirlooms does not have to be overwhelming. You’ll discover that when these items are properly scanned and able to be sorted via computer search that it becomes super easy to find that picture of you and your sister at the lake cabin when you were teens, or the images […]


Why Photos Matter in the Midst of Disaster

Flip-Pal Cares sprang into action in Union Beach, NJ to help recover family photos that had washed up on the beaches after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. That outreach led Gordon Nuttall, CEO of Couragent and the inventor of the Flip-Pal mobile scanner, to commit the company to helping people prepare for natural disasters and everyday […]

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