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The posts in this blog describe how to preserve and safeguard your photos and documents. Be prepared for loss such as a natural disaster.


Before Disaster Strikes

[Editor’s note: Diane Miller discusses proactively preserving family memories.] The tragedy of a natural disaster surrounds us this summer in our community of friends and neighbors here in Fort Collins, Colorado. This morning I awoke at 1:00 a.m. to the smell of smoke from the nearby wildfire. I got up, turned off the outside fans […]


Burned Family History

[Editor’s note: Thomas MacEntee of shares a personal story of loss involving his family’s legacy due to fire and how you can act now to preserve your own family history.] National Fire Prevention Week in the United States is usually the second week of October.  Oct 9 was also the anniversary of The Great Chicago Fire of […]

Trunk Of Letters

Digitize your Family Photos

Digitize your family photos for safe keeping. During difficult times we look to our families for support, to the familiar for comfort and to our own memories of better times to get us through. But what if your memories, in the form of family photos, are missing along with all of your other worldly possessions? […]

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