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This blog has examples of stories and communications using StoryScans talking images.
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Black Crow Reunion Invite

Black Crow Inn Reunion

Here we illustrate an email exchange between class reunion volunteers. It’s easier now with StoryScans talking images! From: Sonja Black To: John and Karen Re: Reunion From: John and Karen To: Sonja Black Re: Reunion Wow! We were so excited to get your email and hear your voice too! You sound the same Sonja!! How […]

Samson Go-Mic

Add Stories to Your Scans

The stories behind our photos and possessions are what brings our memories to life. Record the backstories that are pieces of your history.  Bringing other family members of various generations into the process has been noted to strengthen the connected bond of family history. Previous blog posts have presented dozens of ideas that help organize […]


The Joy of Preserving Family Recipes – part 1

Food is the ingredient that ties family memories together. When you think about family occasions from the past – holidays, birthdays, Sunday dinners, anniversaries, special events, and reunions – the memories you often want to preserve are connected to food. With StoryScans talking images, preserving family recipes is even easier.  Simply scan in the recipe […]

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