Choosing Items For Scanning While Traveling

Illustration of a globe with the map of Europe isolated on white background done in retro style.I had the pleasure of helping Joan with the trip she is taking to Europe this summer to visit relatives and collect and share pictures and stories of their family. Some of her family members have Apple computers, some have Windows computers, and some have neither. All have a mobile device, either iOS or Android.

At first, Joan thought the Genealogy Value Pack was the closest match. However, she was wondering about the wireless and that Value Pack doesn’t include that feature. Perhaps the discussion we had and the choices she made will be helpful for you.


  1. Has a Windows 10 laptop at home now, considering buying a new MacBook Air
  2. Has an iPhone 6 with only about 3GB of available memory
  3. Wants to record the stories about the pictures using the StoryScans talking images feature
  4. Wants all of her family members to have access to her collection of photos and scans she collects while traveling
  5. Currently doesn’t have a method of backing up. Her pictures from her Canon camera are on her Windows laptop
  6. Would like to be able to enhance her pictures (from both Flip-Pal and Canon) with Photoshop-like effects, but would prefer to have the image editing software installed on her laptop rather than use Adobe’s subscription since she doesn’t always have an internet connection
  7. Would like to create a slide show of the highlights from her travels
  8. Has a Canon camera with an SD card and will use it for recording videos as well as taking stills
  9. Concerned about using up her Verizon minutes and data while traveling
  10. Wondering if she will run out of space on Flip-Pal’s 4GB SD card


  1. The Flip-Pal Toolbox software is compatible with both OS-X and Windows computers. It resides on the SD card so she doesn’t have to install it on either. Ditto for while traveling – she can stitch, record, crop, rotate, color adjust, and other stuff on her relative’s computer.
  2. She wants to be able to record voice using either her iPhone 6 or either of the laptops, and record the voice for each scan as it is being scanned (rather than as a batch). That means she should go with the Flip-Pal wireless scanner that has the Mobi 4GB Wi-Fi card rather than the standard 4GB SD card.
  3. If her iPhone runs out of memory due to scans uploading from the Flip-Pal, she can disable the transfers in the Mobi app on her iPhone until she gets to a hotel or home that provides Wi-Fi. Then, upload all the scans to the cloud site she selected in step 5.  Delete the scans from the iPhone memory to free up space. Re-enable the Mobi transfers, turn on the Flip-Pal (with fully charged batteries), and have it upload any that had been scanned while disabled. If there were any, upload those to the cloud site and delete them to free up the space on the iPhone.
  4. Her Windows laptop has a built in microphone. But, she wants high quality voice. She should get the Samson USB microphone. It is a small high quality directional cardoid mic that can be inconspicuously aimed at the person she is recording and avoid that tinny and noisy sound of the internal mics. When she is using the iPhone to record, she can have the person hold it – its built in mic is quite good.
  5. There are multiple cloud photo-storage sites available. Keenai is included with the Mobi app and would fit her needs, particularly because of item #9.
  6. Her Windows laptop has all the pictures from her digital camera on its internal hard drive, but they are not backed up and the laptop is pretty old. We recommend the 3-2-1 backup method. 3 backups on 2 different forms of media and 2 locations, with one of the offsite. She should at the least have her laptop backup to the Keenai account. The Picture Keeper PK8 would be a great choice for the second form of media.
  7. The Flip-Pal Digital Suite Pro 2.0 DVD has PaintShop Pro X8 and AfterShot Pro 2 which install on her Windows laptop and provide capabilities equivalent to Photoshop. We’ve negotiated an exclusive licensing agreement that allows us to sell that DVD to Flip-Pal owners for just a fraction of the retail value that would be over $250.
  8. is an online video/slideshow creation service that is ideal for family history. No matter where Joan is (with an internet connection), she can upload the scans of photos, medals and documents, stitched large portraits, and StoryScans videos from Flip-Pal. She can also include the photos and videos from the Canon. Next is to pick a background soundtrack and add text for the pictures. Animoto will then produce a slideshow in minutes that Joan can share with her family members. One of Animoto’s many excellent features is that the background soundtrack will fade out while the StoryScans voice is playing, then fade back in.
  9. She can purchase a Mobi card for her Canon from Amazon or elsewhere. Connect it to the Keenai account and upload those pictures in step 3 along with the Flip-Pal scans.
  10. Since she is using the hotel’s Wi-Fi in step #3, she will not be using up her Verizon data plan.
  11. The Mobi card has 4GB of storage. That is enough to store 2,000 scans at 300dpi, about 1,400 at 600dpi, or 1,500 StoryScans video files with 3 minutes of audio each. She should scan pictures that are 4×6″ and larger at 300dpi, those that are smaller (like 3×5″) at 600dpi. The 4GB should be enough for her travels. Just in case, she is going to buy an extra SDHC card (less than 32GB) and copy the Toolbox software onto it. She can use that extra SD card in her Canon also – it will store its pictures in a separate folder than the Flip-Pal scans.
    She will bring the Flip-Pal SD-to-USB adapter so she can copy the scans and Canon pictures to her relative’s computer instantly whether or not it has an SD slot.


With all those choices, the Genealogy Value Pack didn’t have everything she wanted. We decided to Configure a Value Pack that was perfect for her ala carte, with the accessories being priced at 15% off.

Joan's configHer configuration included:

  • Wireless scanner
  • Blue Deluxe Carry Case
  • Rechargeable Batteries with Charger
  • Sketch Kit (for those pictures that have notes on the back)
  • Cleaning Cloth (used also for scanning small objects like coins and medals)
  • Picture Keeper PK8
  • USB microphone
  • Digital Suite Pro DVD. (she may buy the Craft Edition DVD later, but it will not have the 15% discount)

She saved $31.90 on the merchandise. The 3-5 day shipping that would have been $25.93 was free.  She ended up with a total saving of $58.03.

Her next steps were:

  • buy an extra SDHC card and install the Toolbox software on it just in case she needs more storage
  • buy another Mobi card (available on Amazon) for her Canon camera
  • install the Mobi and Flip-Pal Toolbox apps on her iPhone following the steps on the Quick Start Card that is in the box
  • set up the Keenai online photo sharing site to take uploads from both the Flip-Pal and Canon, and enroll her family members
  • sign up for the video slideshow service and enroll her family members
  • practice using EasyStitch at home to be sure to know how much to overlap the scans

I was gratified to have helped Joan with not only her travel needs, but a full solution including backup, genealogy, storytelling, and staying connected in a meaningful and lasting way with her family members on multiple continents and tech expertise.

For consulting on a solution that would best fit your individual needs, whether or not they are a major travel excursion like Joan’s, feel free to call our sales and support line 970-221-7223.


2 Responses to Choosing Items For Scanning While Traveling

  1. Patricia Lukas March 20, 2017 at 12:56 pm #

    “…she is going to buy an extra SDHC card (less than 32GB) and copy the Toolbox software onto it.” Does a SDHC card work in a Canon camera that is about 7 years old?
    I appreciate your step-by-step solutions. Thank you.

    • Flip-Pal March 21, 2017 at 8:20 am #

      7 years ago is just about the time the SDHC standard became widespread, so she would have to ask Canon whether her particular model will accept the SDHC card.

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