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Grandmother and daughter

Be a Connector using the Internet.  Collect family memories and share their story, their heritage, with those who are far away.

Grandparents: What do your children, grandchildren and other family members know about your own parents and grandparents? If that information is stored in your brain, realize that it is at risk of being lost . . . forever. More and more of us are learning that family stories and photos that aren’t preserved for safekeeping, can easily vanish in an instant.

These days our friends and family are spread across the world and have smartphones, social media, tablets and computers. In the past, collecting and sharing your photos digitally was complicated and time consuming. That has changed with the Flip-Pal mobile scanner.

Wireless ScannerFlip-Pal is simple to operate, does not require a computer and can scan photos right in the album — no need to risk damage by taking them out. Use it anywhere, anytime — while watching TV or traveling. You can use it to digitize just about anything — including photos, old documents, coins, needlework, quilts and artwork. And, with the Flip-Pal Wireless Scanner, you can transfer scans wirelessly. Create StoryScans™ talking images.

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