Reseller Program

Channel PartnersThank you for your interest in joining the Flip-Pal Reseller program.

The Flip-Pal mobile scanner is uniquely suited for:

  • family history and genealogy,
  • personalized arts, crafts, and scrapbooking,
  • connecting with family and friends over the internet and social media, and
  • safeguarding precious memories from loss.

VAR, Private Label, Independent Resellers, Specialty Retail, Catalog, Direct Sales, International Distributors, Commissioned Sales Reps, etailer, and online affiliates partnerships are available.

Good matches for Independent Resellers are oftentimes where you have a brick-and-mortar store (with or without a website), attend and present at events and trade shows, sponsor workshops, are a Professional Service Provider such as photo organization or genealogy, or have an online presence where you do your own shipping.

As a reseller:

  • You own inventory by purchasing in master pack quantities and distributing to your customers.
  • Receive discounts with higher volumes and payment terms.
  • Minimum order quantities of branded accessories of 4
  • Pay via credit card or other payment methods at time of order.
  • Utilize our on-line store to place orders
  • Use our FedEx shipping, or select pick up local to arrange your own shipping

We welcome international resellers. The Flip-Pal mobile scanner meets the primary regulatory agency requirements worldwide.

We collaborate with our Independent Resellers in co-marketing and sharing/repurposing of content. Some examples are:

  • Brochures for you to use at events, tradeshows, workshops.
  • Videos. Each of our videos are on a separate landing page you can link to. Hosted on Wistia.
  • Blogs. Co-authoring, reposting, …
  • Webinars. See webinars under videos menu on
  • Personalized projects using photos that link to your site
  • Downloaded ebooks, guides, training, …
  • Listing on partners page, with a custom landing page on your site
  • Coordinated emails with special offers, oftentimes around a calendar event like Mothers Day
  • Backlinks

If you qualify and would like to become a reseller of Flip-Pal mobile scanner products, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.
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