Genealogists and Flip-Pal converge in Köping, Sweden

[Editors note: Some 5,000 genealogists from all over Sweden will converge in Köping for the National Swedish Genealogy Conference and Exhibit (Släktforskardagarna 2013) from August 23-25.

Each year one member organization is chosen to organize this event and this year the Western Mälardalen Genealogy Society (VMS) was selected. This event also marks the official introduction of the Flip-Pal mobile scanner into the Nordic countries. Society President, Krister Jansson, made arrangements for the inclusion of the Flip-Pal mobile scanner booth at the conference.

Flip-Pal's Diane Miller arriving at convention hall in Swedenn

Technical Marketing Manager, Diane Miller, who has traveled from Fort Collins, Colorado to Köping, will be representing Flip-Pal mobile scanner at the event. She will also be inviting individual businesses, e-tailers and distributers to join the Flip-Pal reseller programs.

Nordic country residents will be able to purchase the Flip-Pal mobile scanner from the U.S.-based website by selecting the International Checkout option in the website’s shopping cart. Shipments will then be delivered directly to their homes or offices.

“It’s really exciting. It’s a great thing both for our association and for Köping,” said Åke Dahlqvist, who sits on the VMS Board of Directors. “It’s a great event and VMS’s committee for the arrangement has worked hard to make as good a weekend as possible for visitors. In total, we spent around 10,000 hours this year alone. And then we have already spent a lot of time on planning before we applied for organizing the event.”

According to Dahlquist, this year’s great program is the key to a successful event. “We worked hard to get good lecturers. It’s the name of this year’s Dick Harrison, a professor of history at the University of Lund, who will give lectures on both Saturday and Sunday.”There were some who doubted if a small town like Köping could really succeed with the arrangement.  “There have been some thoughts from elsewhere about how it will go, but we are well prepared and very much look forward to the upcoming weekend,” said Dahlqvist.  Krister Jansson arranged reservations with all hotels throughout the KAK-region, as well as some hotels in Västerås. Jansson noted, “We reserved about a thousand beds that will be available to guests, exhibitors and speakers.” Cars and drivers work as shuttles to get people to and from the train station, and the cars were donated for the three days by the prime sponsor of the conference.

“He is very popular, it can be seen in advance bookings,” added Jansson.

For those visitors who come from the south, there is the opportunity to be transported by a train from the 1960s. The Nässjö railway museum arranged a train ride from Nässjö to Köping. “It’s a very fun thing, especially for Smaland Family Scientists,” said Dahlqvist, who has done personal genealogy research for over fifty years.

His best advice to anyone who is interested in starting family research is to turn to older relatives. “It’s a very good start. Then you get a little meat on the bones, and then it’s easier to go to such a study.”

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