“WOW! What an awesome tool. I can think of many reasons to have this. My mom just asked me if I can scan photos of her parents, they are from 1920! I was too scared to take them for fear of loosing them or damaging them! This tool, I could scan them (and more) right at her home! I take photos for a volunteer group for our Veterans. Like I said..many uses. AWESOME!”

“Isn’t it amazing how technology keeps making lives more fun and interesting!? I would love to have a portable scanner like that! It would make crafting and creating so much easier. I could scan old family documents that years ago were placed in sealed frames and therefore impossible to remove from the frame without damaging the item. Or, when doing research at the library in books that can’t be checked out, so creating family tree albums would come together much easier!”

“I would love to win the Flip Pal! I watched the demo you did on Cool to Craft and loved it. I am an artist and every time I do a drawing or a painting that is bigger than my scanner, I wish I could somehow fit it into the scanner. I make handmade cards from my art that is sold at the local Visually Impaired Persons Support Center to help raise money for blind and partially sighted persons. They can’t see the art but the funds help them to learn assistive technology to access the web and use a computer with talking software. I can see how this scanner could help the partially sighted also. They would be able to scan a document and then input it into a computer so the computer could hear it read to them or blow it up to a font that is big enough for them to read. I would love to be able to experiment with all the possibilities. Thanks for having the contest. Hope I win.”

“I would love a chance to win such a prize. I would scan pictures that relatives don’t want to lend for fear of not getting them back. Nature items like flowers and leaves would be fun. Would try pictures on phone. I am sure there are many items I have not thought of that I could scan. Loved the Flip Pal Tiffany showed and the glue embossing Heidi demonstrated. The jewelry, parade and barn show were great too. On to PJ Party Wed.”

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