Create Holiday Cards and Gift Tags

Create Holiday Cards and Gift Tags with a mobile scannerAs you prepare for the holidays, delve back into your archive of preserved memories and old photos to create holiday cards that share a bit of yesterday with today.

Revive old family photos from the depths of shoe boxes and drawers and surprise your relatives with gift tags having images from years past.

Instead of writing To: John, you could make tags with the 7 year old version of John under the Christmas tree in 1992!

Preserving all the memories surrounding the family history, artifacts and photos you have saved over the years has a direct benefit when you’d like to get creative to enjoy those memories. Family memories shouldn’t sit boxed away and inaccessible forever, if you want the next generation to value them. It is in showcasing those memories that we instill the value of preserving family history with younger generations.

Here are some ideas for how to use your newly organized and scanned images.

Holiday cards and gifts

One photo trend circulating on the internet is having siblings recreate their childhood photos in the same poses. Maybe they don’t all have to be awkward family photos just great memories that saw the transition of time. Have fun with it.

It puts life into perspective. If you plan to creating photo greeting cards for the holidays consider adding a Throw Back Thursday image into the collage.

Homemade memory gifts

Gifts that evoke memories are always warmly received. Read about preserving recipes,  scanning old family recipes and have them printed onto fabric to make homemade tea towels.

You can also do this using old love letters, post cards, medals, or special photos.

There is an entire theme devoted to this topic on Pinterest.

Gift Tag Example

The creative gift tag

If you’re not very creative or don’t have lots time to produce something big this year, here’s a simple project that will have an amazing impact. Take your artful side to a new level by creating custom made gift tags using old photos. Don’t get fancy on the gift wrap, because the tag is part of the gift. You may even suggest that family members frame the gift tags afterward.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Photos to print
  • Printer or a local camera store
  • Card stock or a spare piece of cardboard
  • String or gift ribbon
  • Pencil
  • Scissors or Xacto knife
  • Cutting surface
  • Hole punch
  • Gift tag template
  • Wrapped presents

Week 47 projectSort through your digital archive to find several of your favorite holiday photos or images of someone in your family. Don’t use the original copy. If you need to, make a quick scan.

Do whatever photo restoration or cropping you need to create a 4” x 6” image. Make certain that the focal point of your image is either in the center or just slightly to the left or right, as one edge of the photo will be cropped. Reproduce the images onto new photo paper. Use our downloadable  cut out onto card stock to align the back of the image.

Use a pencil to mark the template onto the back side of the photo. Using scissors or an Xacto knife on a cutting surface, carefully cut out the gift card shape around the photo. Use a hole punch to create a hole at the top of the scalloped edge. If you love scrapbooking, here’s a chance to use your favorite hole punch scissors with specialty shapes. Weave string or a fancy ribbon through the hole. Write a date on the back of the image in pencil (ink will bleed through.

Another option is to cut out the template onto colored card stock and once you cut out the photo you can glue the two together and write a note on the backside of the card stock.

Or you can use whatever creative software you have, such as Word or Apple’s Pages program, to import photos into the shape of the template. For instance, I made this sample tag by opening a basic 5 x 7 page in Pages, insert the background image (a scanned piece of scrapbook paper from Reminisce) courtesy of gift tag image and a photo of my children, making both to crop out their edges. This simple took me less than 5 minutes to make. I will print them on 5 x 7 photo paper or card stock and simple cut

Print shop tags

Create Holiday Cards and Gift Tags by Flip-PalCustom photo tags are popular trends this time of year at local print shops. See what they have near you. Avery Dennison Office Products, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive labels for laser and ink jet printers and other home-, office and school-related supplies, has numerous self stick labels that can be printed with custom images and content. The company’s website offers hundreds of free downloadable templates. The larger size address labels can be customized for larger gifts.

For example, the site offers more than 100 different templates for tent cards. Imagine the memories you could preserve using old family photos imported into a template for tent cards.

Take this blog post about life story questions at the holidays. Create a set of 20 tent cards using old photos and write the questions inside. Let family and friends pick a memory and answer the questions. Or make a set of gifts out of them. Record their answers and create StoryScans talking images.

By Mary V Danielsen of Documented Legacy

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  1. Alice Hostetter November 21, 2014 at 7:49 pm #

    Can The Flip-Pal be used to scan slides and to use digitally on a TV screen?

    • Flip-Pal November 24, 2014 at 8:22 am #

      Flip-Pal can not be used to scan slides, but I have been successful at holding it up to a computer monitor and capturing it.


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