Creative Gift Giving

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Did last year’s holidays simply sneak up on you when it came to creative gift giving? This year, get a head start on your fall and winter crafting by using scanned family photos. Most likely you are already sitting on a treasure chest of family photos ready to be turned into holiday cards, calendars, wearable art and even some hard-to-believe items.

The key to success in going from photo, to finished project, to fabulous gift this season is what we call “Ready, Set, GIFT!” That means prepping those photos and scanning them for the best results, then finding easy-to-use websites and services that will turn that photo into an amazing gift and then…well, giving that gift and watching the reaction! The Flip-Pal mobile scanner is an essential tool for your own sprint to the gift-giving finish line—you just need to start now before it is too late!
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