DeadFred reports on Flip-Pal

by reviews flip-pal mobile scanner

“I’m surprised how easy it is to use and how much it makes my scanning life more enjoyable. I have scanned literally 1000’s & 1000’s of photos on and when it comes to scanning Flip Mobile is a revolution. I scanned a yearbook while sitting on my couch watching a Razorback Football game ( GO HOGS!). Never thought I would be doing that. Only question I have is to¬† your scanner, where have you been all my life?I will be letting everyone know that scans (and those I don’t know) how much I like Flip (can I call him Flip?) In other words I will highly recommend it, wrote DeadFred .com.

how to scan your yearbook with flip pal mobile scanner is scanning a 1927 yearbook

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