Digitize your Family Photos

Digitize your family photos for safe keeping.

Trunk Of LettersDuring difficult times we look to our families for support, to the familiar for comfort and to our own memories of better times to get us through. But what if your memories, in the form of family photos, are missing along with all of your other worldly possessions?

Family History – Where should you start?

One of the easiest ways to get other members of your family involved is to pull out your old selection of pictures that you probably have stored away in a shoe box somewhere. It is always interesting to scan through these memories of past generations. But do you know who is in the picture and when it was taken?

Plan on having a family get together. Place the pictures that you need more information on in an album with plastic sleeves. Number each picture and provide a numbered list to each family member so they can look at the individual pictures and list the name of who they think it is and the place where it was taken and when. They can also add a note or two about how the person in the picture is somehow related to your family history.

If anyone in your family has researched your family genealogy, ask them to bring the information with them to the get together. They might be able to add more details or information that was not known previously.

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