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The best kind of treasure hunt is seeking the pieces of your family’s history, visiting them in preserved photos and documents, connecting the dots, and then passing the found stories along to the next generation. And there is no better time to begin than right now before schools reopen. As Studs Terkel reminds us: “We’re suffering as a nation because there is almost no memory of the past… Every family has stories to tell.”

Discover your family’s story with your child by starting close to home:

1. Visit and interview relatives of all ages; be sure to take notes or tape or video their stories.

2. Go to the cemetery where loved ones are buried and make rubbings by holding tracing paper over the front of the stone/ marker and rubbing the entire paper with the side of a sharpened pencil tip or peeled crayon.

3. Revisit saved scrap books.

4. Pore through boxes of old photos. Not sure who you’re looking at, take them with you whenever visiting relatives. Photo albums, too.

5. If you have one, go through the family Bible where many people record births and deaths over the years.

6. Read saved newspaper articles about your family’s past doings.

7. Look for any documents set aside by an earlier novice family genealogist.

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