Family History and Genealogy

Our gift of life includes a connection with our ancestors who lived before us. From the beginning of time, people have sensed a need to belong – to be connected with others. Genealogy is a unique and personalized form of history, transferring photos, documents, medals, personal letters, and oral history from one generation to the next. Without this connection to our ancestors, we would have little knowledge of our culture or how we fit in. It is exceptionally rewarding to discover our roots. It helps us become aware of who we are as a person, and understand more about our purpose in life.

Watch Janine describe her role as the family historian.

Researching family history is fascinating. Those memorable photos and documents can get damaged or lost in an instant. Don’t wait. Flip-Pal’s patented flip-and-scan technology makes it easy to scan and digitize family photos and other items related to our family’s history.

It is common to drift apart from family and friends as we get older and life gets busier.  But take the time now to make connections to our family and ask questions that will bring our family history to life.  Through conversing with the older generation and sharing their memories captured in photos, we find many interesting stories from yesteryear. Valuable lessons can be acquired by learning about their ethics and world view. Our ideals and the way we behave as individuals are often passed from generation to generation. Venturing down genealogy lane gives us a sense of unity and belonging.  We oftentimes create a family tree, and there are many sites that provide that service. Collecting, preserving, and compiling our family history is a priceless legacy for future generations. It connects our lives through our stories.

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