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Ancestor Day, sponsored by the Sudbury Historical Society

I’ve recently started a company, Family Plots, that does family history publishing for clients. One of the first hurdles we’ve encountered is that potential clients don’t want their photographs, pictures, and scrapbooks to leave their homes. With Flip-Pal, I can scan on location without having to lug around a laptop and a scanner or set up a full digital photographic studio. I am also looking at the Flip-Pal for doing genealogical research; that is, I can take Flip-Pal into research libraries, for instance, and scan pages for my use later. I can see historic societies, family history libraries, and government agencies, such as courts, making use of Flip-Pal, too.

Jon Baker
Family Plots, Founder
Contact: jon[@]

Jon Baker, founder Family Plots, an organization that helps with genealogy

Jon Baker, founder of Family Plots, a family history publishing company

Jon Baker from Family Plots is at the Ancestor Day, sponsored by the Sudbury Historical Society

Jon Baker has been writing, editing, and publishing a variety of content since he was a boy. Early career work included magazine and textbook publishing for companies such as John Wiley and Sons. Later, Jon moved into high tech at Digital Equipment Corporation as an editor for Digital Press and later as a technical communicator. Jon worked in the technical communication field for more than 20 years at companies such as EMC, Inc. and Metavante Technologies, Inc. Now reinventing himself, Jon is turning his attentions and publishing skills to the fields of genealogy and family history. Jon holds a B.S. in Journalism, an M.S. in Leadership and Organizational Development, and a Webmaster Certificate from Northeastern University. In addition, Jon is a past Board member of the Society for Technical Communication and is an Associate Fellow in the society.

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