First Birthday Music Box

[Editors’s Note: Flip-Pal’s CEO and founder Gordon Nuttall uses Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 and PhotoShop Elements 11 to make a picture insert for a music box for a granddaughter’s first birthday]


Picture of Megan’s 6’th grade art (with digital camera)

Payton is one year old! How time flies. She lives several states away and I can’t get there for the birthday celebration this year. I have a tradition of giving music boxes for birthdays. This birthday I purchased a wooden one with a glass top where you can substitute your own picture. I wanted something for Payton Marie to remember her aunt, Megan Marie, so I went to my boxes of Megan’s hand-painted art during elementary school and found this one – about 11 by 15 inches.


I used my Flip-Pal to scan it with 10 overlapping scans and used the EasyStitch software to reassemble it. The left picture shows the result after cropping. The picture to its right shows after I used PhotoShop Elements’ clone tool to remove the crease line where I had folded it.


Megan’s 11×15″ art after EasyStitch


Megan’s art after Photoshopping out crease line











The next step was to include a picture with Payton and I. The one on the left is where I fell asleep with her when she was 1 week old. Photoshop  Elements has an oval selection tool that I used to make that into an transparent oval with blended edges 20 pixels wide.

Gordon holding Payton when she was 1 week old

Gordon asleep with Payton when she was 1 week old


PhotoShop Elements screen snip with oval









I used Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 from my Creativity Edition 2.1 DVD to do the page layout. I set the page size to match the glass from the music box – 2.25 x 5.00 inches – then added Megan’s artwork, the oval picture, and text. This is what it looked like on screen.

Scrapbook Artist screen

Scrapbook Artist screen

I then printed it, cut it, and put it in the top of the music box.  This is how it turned out. (yes, that is a Flip-Pal cleaning cloth under it)

Music Box for Payton's first birthday

Music Box for Payton’s first birthday

Now to the post office to mail it to Payton for her birthday.   A gift that will have lasting meaning beyond the music it plays.

With Gratitude for the life on this earth of my Megan Marie: March 21, 1980 – August 31, 2003  – Gordon

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