Grammy on the Go! – part 2

[Editor’s note: Flip-Pal Ambassador Peggy Lauritzen looks at her own family’s story and her reasons for why “Flip-Pal goes where I go.”]

Family pictureI love being known as “Grammy”. It’s a wonderful title that I cherish. I can’t help but reflect back on how wonderful my own parents were as grandparents, and how I always felt so safe and loved around my fun-loving grandparents. I hope this legacy continues on for generations.

I am continuing my task of scanning and labeling the many hundreds, if not thousands of photos that we took as a young family, and additional ones that I have inherited. Other than storing them in magnetic photo albums or filing them in shoeboxes, there weren’t too many other options. These systems continue to take up space on bookshelves, and the process of labeling them can be quite daunting.

Flip-Pal has been the answer to my dilemma. There are many photos that I will never dispose of, and there are many others that have met a different fate. I don’t need dozens of images of the Kansas wheat fields to clutter up my valuable shelf space.

During this Christmas season, I have kept my Flip-Pal quite close to me. As the beautiful holiday cards are opened, I have lessened my workload by scanning those with photos the moment they are opened.

In this beautiful photo my niece sent, I quickly scanned both the front and the back. Sometimes people will label their photos. Sometimes they arrive blank with a family newsletter. Either way is fine, for I will simply label the back with the names of the family members while it is still fresh in my mind. (Note: For privacy purposes, I have not included the scan of the back of this photo. It includes the names of the family members, plus the year the card was sent.)

This not only works for the holidays, it works for any card, invitation, announcement, or memento that someone may include in their letters to you. I have another shoebox filled with those that are calling for my attention. That will be a good project for this winter.

It is important that we preserve these precious memories for the generations yet to come. As we age, we may find that there are some windows of time that our memories are sharper and clearer than others. That is the time to get to work! Other times may find our minds a bit more cluttered. But, in many cases our long-term memories are more reliable than our short-term memories. Scanning photos can help to tweak our memories and the stories associated with them.
Horse with dog on back

I recently came across an old photo of my grandfather’s mule. I vaguely remember this mule, but I can certainly remember the stories my own mother told me about Ol’ Myrt. I had to laugh to myself, for Ol’ Myrt reminded me of a white horse with a swayed back The Three Stooges used to ride. I think this picture looks more like a horse, but I’m not an expert.

Note the black dog sitting in its back.

This photo survived a devastating fire at my parents’ house.

The photos keep on coming, and they add to the stacks of photos that we already possess. The time to take care of these photos and the memories they trigger is now. They deserve more than to be tossed into a box and forgotten. These are dear and treasured family memories and friends that have taken their time to remember us by sending us a holiday greeting. They should never be added to the rest of our files of piles without making due notation of their date and the persons they include.

One of these days we will be gone. If we have not taken the time to properly care for and label our photos, they may very well be tossed. Let them continue to live on!

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