Grandmoms: Create Your Family’s History

Create Your Family's HistoryYou are a keeper of your family’s memories. You probably remember your own grandparents telling you stories of their childhood—their struggles, triumphs, and what it was like growing up back then. And you loved it all. Well now it’s your turn. Connect the past to the present by creating your story. Don’t know where to start? Follow this easy step-by-step guide filled with tips and resources for writing your family history. Your StoryScans talking images will convey your story as never before possible. Your kids, grandkids, and future generations will thank you.

Step 1: Make a basic family tree. Start with the easiest part: yourself. List your own basic information including when and where you were born, where you went to school, and other basics. Keep it simple, and be as precise as you can in terms of dates. Don’t worry if you need to go back and make corrections, just get down what you can.

Step 2: Branch out. Work backwards, starting with your own parents and then their parents. Again, focus on the most basic information—where they were born and when, who their siblings were, where they grew up.

Step 3: Fill in your important events. Now go back and add more information including important life events such as employment, marriage, military service, etc.

Step 4: Jot down memories. Those little tidbits you remember about your mother and father, the stories they told about your own grandparents, write them down. Be clear on when you heard the story, who provided the info and if possible, how the story got handed down in your family.

Step 5: Scan. Add photos, news clippings, and documents to your written history. Scan those items so you’ll always have a digital version available.

Step 6: Record the story. Use the Flip-Pal StoryScans software to record those notes and memories and combine them with the scans in one high definition file. You can then share them with family via email or social media sites like Facebook.

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