History of Scrapbooking


Many people think that scrapbooking is a recent phenomenon, but the history albums, recognizable as something that we’d call a scrapbook today, dates back to not only before the invention of photography – but also to before the origin of the word “scrapbook” itself.

Scrapbooking is rooted in the history of printed images and also in the long history of personal storytelling. It is from the merging of these two progressions that we get the modern scrapbook in all of its current forms.

While the technology and techniques may have changed over the centuries, one thing has remained the same – the human urge to record our history and tell our stories. Whether you call it a commonplace book, a grangerized book, a photo album or a scrapbook, one thing is for certain – scrapbooking leaves a legacy for future generations through beautiful, meaningful, handmade self-expression.

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