Keeping It Simple

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The many. many aspects of safeguarding our family history can each open an interesting and lengthy conversation on the lives in our family. Keeping it simple can have many benefits.

Let’s start with cleaning up the papers you left on your work table from other weeks.

Double check the work you’ve already done. Has anything changed in making room for your collections? Are there any new risk factors to consider? For instance, is the region you live in under threat of wildfires or have you discovered a plumbing leak on the same floor as your files?

Mail duplicates of photos to the people in them. Continue scanning and taking notes. Remind extended family that you’re working on a family history project. Plan out a future scanning weekend with them. Follow up on your genealogy road trip idea.

While you’re sifting through photos, heirlooms and receipts, here’s an idea to consider. Create a special collection of images. Perhaps, in the sorting process, you’ll find your all time favorites of vacations, holidays, events or hobbies. Record the event with the StoryScans software and create a talking image that permanently records the backstory for each image. No more relying on hand-written notes that can get lost!

Man Fishing

Click image to play StoryScans talking image

Whenever I vacation at any beach on the East Coast, I love to get up before dawn and shoot photos of the sun rising over the water and what always seems to be the lone man fishing at the water’s edge. It’s one of my favorite images to shoot repeatedly. I could create an entire photo book of these images. While they have nothing to do with my family history, my photography is a big part of who I am and I know it will be a big part of what my family wants to preserve. It’s the same for people who love to shoot images of summer flowers in bloom. Use the ScanTools mobile app to record the sounds on the beach at that moment.  The birds, the waves, the man reeling in the fish.  Yes, that’s right. You can use the ScanTools app to record voice on any picture taken by your mobile device!

Keep it simple. Every step you take adds to the tremendous work you’ve already accomplished.

Organizing Reminders

Click image to download a printable Organizing Reminders form.

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