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I am going to a family reunion next month and doing a presentation of family pictures dating back to the mid 1800’s….I have hundreds of pictures that I would have had to scan with my printer and then save…I was dreading doing it because of the countless hours it would’ve taken me….I received a email from a genealogy magazine I subscribe to for the Flip-Pal. Went online, checked it out and bought it….a few nights ago, as I was watching TV, I scanned over 200 pictures in a couple of hours….this product is amazing!!!I have another couple hundred to scan and am actually looking forward to doing it now….Thanks for such an awesome product!!! I will most definitely recommend it to all my friends…….On a scale of 1 to 10, the Flip-Pal is a 20!!!!
– Judy H.

I wanted to share with you an example of a stitched scan. My mother has a large photo taken about 1924 when she was 2 years old. She is the pink dress to her mother’s right. The photo was too large for my flatbed scanner so I decided to use my Flip-Pal and stitch it. It took 8 scans. The stitching is invisible. I used the latest software update and it seems to work great. The 8 scans were between 1 and 2 MB each so I got great detail. The final image was 6.23 MB – too large to send so I’m sending a smaller version. Hope you have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2012.
– Shaun

I’ve only had my Flip Pal for a couple of weeks, but I don’t know how I did without it! I a genealogist, which includes copying old pictures to flash drives. I have a lot of down time waiting for my sons at various practices and school events, so I bring along a photo album and my Flip Pal. I can get an album of about 200 photos done during one practice time! An added plus is that I meet a lot more people because most want to know what I am doing and what the Flip Pal is. I love it!
– Kathy, FL

LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I have taken this on several trips with family and have scanned hundreds
of photos that they would never have let out of their house otherwise!
– Barry, VA

I finally got to see the Flip-Pal in action and WOW is it ever COOL!! My friend didn’t get to use it much because everyone was taking it from her to scan everything they could get their hands on, what an AWESOME Christmas present. Thank you again for your GREAT Customer Service.
– Melinda, Ontario, Canada

For decades, I took photos which were used in “slide shows” for business presentations. The same was true for my personal photos. I accumulated 30 photo albums and drawers full of pictures. The Flip-Pal scanner is making it possible for me to transform my collection into the 21st Century. I cannot thank you enough. In addition to the activity being worth while, it is lots of fun.
– Richard, NY

I wanted to express my deep satisfaction with the Flip-Pal scanner. It enabled me to quickly and (very) efficiently scan almost 400 photo prints of my family, and I did the entire project in one evening, while watching television! The scanner performed flawlessly, capturing each print at 600 dpi in well under a minute. I was hustling to keep loading prints. I started with a fresh set of rechargeable batteries and still had power after a couple of hours of nonstop scanning. The images were excellent and required only rotation in a few cases and a little cropping here and there. The software and hardware are great. This is a TOOL and just HAMMERS out the work. I’m a very happy customer.
– Doug, Colorado

Thanks so much for your prompt attention and help. Not many companies have your willingness to go the distance to stand behind their product. I am a very satisfied customer.
– Kati, Tennessee

What a wonderful device! I have 1,000’s of unsorted photos, and many albums, and had despaired of ever being able to organize and preserve them. My regular scanner made copying each photo a chore and I was afraid I would never live long enough to do them all. Flip-Pal is just wonderful!
– Margaret, California

I am excited to go to the blog for ideas. I toss it in my purse and take it everywhere. I show it off to everyone. I had it at the dental office this morning and they were blown away at what it can do.
– Kandy, Colorado

Love it. I have and will keep recommending it to anyone doing research. A real jewel to use and just what we have needed.
– Linda, Florida

So easy, right out of the box! It had everything I needed to try it out immediately. The scans are perfect. The software for stitching and color correction work really well and are very easy to use!
– Benita, Washington

This tool is so incredibly useful for genealogy. Folks understandably don’t want to part with their old photos or albums even for copying, but to watch me make the copies while sitting at their kitchen table is a much different story–old photos almost jump out of the corners.
– Sally, Washington

I used my Flip-Pal at dusk in a cemetery with a flashlight at various angles to scan an unreadable portion of a date on a very old weathered gravestone. Was it a 3 or 8 or 5, or possibly a 6 or 9 or a 0 ? A little work in Photoshop later and it was definitely a 5. We all had it wrong. I attached the Flip-Pal scan to the individual as a new source for my date.
– Bruce, Utah

I’m a Mac user, just downloaded EasyStitch for Mac and it works perfectly. I did a 16 segment scan of a map. The map was framed and under glass. The results were great. You have one fantastic machine.
– Frank , Pennsylvania

I’m big into genealogy, and have tons of photos to copy – I’ve already got over 1,000 scans on the scanner. Thanks for creating this great tool…I’ve scanned medals, old scrapbooks, military photos, documents, dried corsages/pressed corsages…you name it!”
– Kris, Michigan

Love the flexibility and compact size… will be taking it to New Mexico to document family photos from a relative. The absolute best use I get is scanning the jewelry I make!
– Jeanne, Washington

I have been scanning madly since I received your scanner. I have thousands (really) of photographs from the 80 years of my life plus many others from our large extended family. I’m thrilled with my Flip-Pal scanner and send thanks to those of you who made this Flip-Pal scanner a reality. I will explore other uses for Flip-Pal. Just having fun at the moment. Aloha.
– Charlotte, Hawaii

The Flip-Pal scanner is a productive tool unlike anything I’ve encountered before, and it is making everything easier for an historical society like us. The Flip-Pal is the first technological device I’ve actually been excited about and enjoyed using since 1987, when I first tried a computer.”
– Gary, member of West Park Historical Society, Ohio

I downloaded your newer version of the stitching software called EasyStitch and that fixed my all my stitching problems. Glad it worked because I love this product.”
– Chriss, Pennsylvania

I read reviews online of your scanner and it is as good as they say. It is unbelievable. What a great product. I am making a book of my dad’s WW2 missions. I used the stitch feature to stitch together ten scans of a plane cross-section and it turned out great. It works way better than my big computer scanner. Thanks for such a great product.
– Cindy, Minnesota

This is the best purchase I made last year! Love it! It has totally exceeded my expectations. I told my father about the Flip-Pal so he ordered one too! He’s 75 years old and is having a blast scanning and sending photos of his remote youth to his friends.
– Susan, Texas

Media Reviews

One of the coolest things about going to the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show is seeing “what’s new.” We expect to see new lines of paper, the latest die-cutting gadget, but sometimes we see things that make us stop and go, “wow.” The Flip-Pal mobile scanner is one of them!
– Jenny from Craft Test Dummies.

The Flip-Pal mobile scanner solved my conundrum! The Flip-Pal is a mini, battery-powered scanner that you can take anywhere. It comes pre-loaded with batteries and a 2GB SD memory card. All you have to do to start scanning is take it out of its packaging. You don’t need to hook it up to a computer or plug it in; just switch it on, and press the scanning button! Magic!
– Craft Critique writer Rachel Johnson

Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner Permitted in National Archives and Library of Congress
I attended a National Institute on Genealogical Research class in Washington D.C. in July 2011. During the class, I visited the National Archives Building 1 (in Washington, D.C.), National Archives Building 2 (in College Park, MD) and the Library of Congress. Although there are rigorous restrictions placed upon the equipment that is allowed into the archive areas, my Flip-Pal mobile scanner met these requirements and was permitted in all three locations.
At the National Archives I was required to go through a security screening upon arriving and leaving. Security personnel checked and wrote down the serial numbers of each piece of my equipment when I arrived (which included a PC, digital camera and my Flip-Pal mobile scanner) and verified the serial numbers to make sure I was taking out the same equipment that I brought in when I left. One note, you are allowed to bring spare batteries into the Archives.
At the National Archives, only flat bed scanners are permitted—no other types of scanners are allowed. Security personnel asked for a demonstration of my Flip-Pal before they would permit it into the archives reviewing area. After watching the demonstration they then examined the document and verified it had not been damaged in any way. Security then allowed me to bring my Flip-Pal into the archive area.
The Flip-Pal mobile scanner was great for scanning faint documents — without editing, a 600 dpi scan made faint records much easier to see. The instructor and members of my class were especially impressed with the excellent results of the scans. For some strange reason many people who saw my Flip-Pal thought it could only scan pictures.
I did a lot of genealogy research with my Flip-Pal and filled over 20 SD cards with scans. I used my camera for taking digital images of really big documents but the flash produced a glare. One of the benefits of the Flip-Pal is that there wasn’t a glare. After seeing the results produced with my Flip-Pal, several members of my class said they want one!
I only make these comments about the Flip-Pal mobile scanner because it worked really well. When I find something that works better, I’ll tell people about that too.
– Michael H.

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