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Once you’ve decided that the Flip-Pal mobile scanner suits your needs better than other types of scanners like sheetfeeds, wands, All-in-Ones, and desktop flatbeds, there are many reasons to buy our Flip-Pal mobile scanner instead of the Doxie Flip.

The Original

The Flip-Pal team invented, patented, and trademarked the flatbed mobile scanner in 2009-2010 and are the experts about its inner workings. We are the innovators, continually bringing new benefits like StoryScans and improved Toolbox software with EasyStitch, a wide range of accessories, and partner online services. Those innovations enable you to use your Flip-Pal in a wide range of uses. It is manufactured according to strict specifications by a highly regarded industry leader with headquarters in Taipei. Each scanner undergoes thorough calibration and quality assurance testing before leaving the factory. This product is the culmination of more than 75 years of the team’s experience and intellectual property in digital imaging.


stitching sequenceThe amazing EasyStitch software automatically stitches together multiple scans of large photos, documents, artwork, quilts, maps and more. Like a jigsaw puzzle. The engineering team took a wide variety of sample images and optimized EasyStitch to handle even the most complex and large on computers with regular amounts of internal memory. Doxie Flip failed to stitch these. The limit on size has not been found, but we do know a bed quilt with 84 scans was successfully stitched.

This is very important! Imagine your disappointment if you were to travel to a library, genealogy site, or to a family gathering, for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture a vintage document or photo, and then return home and was unable to stitch it. Or, require you to purchase a new computer with more memory in order to stitch large originals.

StoryScans logoStoryScans™ talking images

Another reason is our exclusive StoryScans talking images software. For the first time, you can record voice and merge it with the scan to create an image that speaks.  Since the StoryScans files combine sight and sound in a High Definition (HD) industry-standard mp4 file, you can share it over the internet (email, social media, cloud sharing sites) without a separate player, and the voice never gets separated from the image.  That file is also small, and therefore faster to send over Wi-Fi or 3G and takes up less space on the hard drive.

Embroider Your Scans

Brother™ sewing machine and embroidery machine dealers are Flip-Pal Authorized Resellers. Visit their dealer locator to find the Brother dealer nearest you to purchase a Flip-Pal mobile scanner.

Brother’s PE-DESIGN™ family is the ultimate in digitizing embroidery software. Turn your Flip-Pal scans into embroidery with the easy-to-use Photostitch™ Bundle. Visit Brother™ homesewing.

Superior Total Customer Experience

Warranty StarburstYou will receive personal U.S. based phone and online customer support by knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly employees who really know how to help. After all, we are the ones who invented and designed the flatbed mobile scanner category in the first place!

Flip-Pal products include a first year warranty, and a 30 day money-back guarantee. If a unit fails while covered under warranty, you will receive an exchange base unit promptly with shipping paid both ways.

Toolbox software is pre-installed. Download not required

The Toolbox software is pre-installed on the SD card and doesn’t require a time-consuming download.  It has an intuitive interface with web-like navigation providing Stitching, Editing, Recording, Sharing to cloud, File operations, and informative documents. It is available for all customers as a free update from Flip-Pal.com/downloads. The ScanTools app for iOS and Android mobile devices are available for free from the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Informative website and newsletter

The Flip-Pal.com website is a center of learning, with an extensive selection of videos and posts in various themes such as genealogy, creative projects, memory keeping, preserving photos, and staying connected. These help you take full advantage of the many ways to use this versatile product.

The Flip Side News e-newsletter provides interesting articles, videos, special offers, and practical tips. Sign up at Flip-Pal.com/sign-up.

Social Media Join the conversation with thousands of like-minded folks in around the world on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About the Team

Couragent™ is the parent company for the Flip-Pal products. Founded as a Colorado Corporation in January 2010, it was recognized as a Colorado Company to Watch in 2012. It is a privately held small business. It is the exclusive supplier with its authorized Resellers, Etailers, Partners, and Affiliates,  with over 9 years of sales and tens of thousands of highly-satisfied customers worldwide.

Read more about the Flip-Pal team’s core values of Courage, Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation, and Care.

We have been an official sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation for two years.


Flip-Pal Cares
We reached out to victims of floods in Union Beach, N.J. and Northern Colorado, recovering over 100,000 photos that would have otherwise been lost. We have created a set of resources for recovering water-damaged photos.




The Flip-Pal mobile scanner has been seen on NBC, ABC, and CBS, featured in many magazines, including Money, EDN, and SUCCESS, and earned numerous awards including the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award and an Amazon Top Holiday Seller.

Intellectual Property

FLIP-PAL® is a registered mark with the US Patent and Trademark Organization (USPTO). COURAGENT™ and STORYSCANS™ are trademarks. Infringement of those marks by using similar terms is a violation of US law.

You will be proud to be the owner or gift-giver of an authentic Flip-Pal product.

When collecting and preserving your memories really matters, the trusted Flip-Pal mobile scanner is the best solution!

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