Life Celebration Ignites Electron Cowgirl

by Diane Miller
When my mom passed Flip-Pal mobile scanner uses SD card to store images away, I realized that I was the history keeper of my entire family. As my sister and brother and I collected pictures and stories for her eulogy at her celebration of life, I not only had the the most stories, but also the most pictures. At that point, I knew I was on a quest for more family information.

Through a genealogy website and program, I found mom’s side of the family from the 1600’s on tFlip-Pal mobile scanner keeps your memories safehe Isle of Man. What a find! Suddenly all the names she had spoken over the years were placed in their proper families.

Then I started to look for dad’s side. Not much. Maybe a ship manifest when he came to this country. No pictures. So I wrote to my cousins, asking if they had any pictures of dad when he was a little boy. Low and behold, they had bunches. Since they were so precious to all of us, I would not think of allowing them to pass through anyone else’s hands, the mail, or have the possibility of being lost or misplaced… so I arranged a date, to drive all the way to my cousin’s ranch in Montana with a full-sized computer and flatbed scanner in tow to capture these precious slices of light.

I drove more than 800 miles, many, many on gravel country roads to reach my cousin’s place. What an adventure! I hit pay dirt!!! Not only did they have pictures of grand dad when he was a teen, but elegant pictures of my yFlip-Pal mobile scanner has 600 dpioung grandmother, my grandfather as a child, and even the house where he was born in Germany! The bonus of the trip, was discovering how my cousins and I share so many similarities. It was a treat to find those things to share.Flip-Pal mobile scanner you can scan anywhere anytime

Soon I will start using the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner for more projects like this… not only is it easy to use, it is compact, VERY portable (especially considering the alternative I had to use), and has high enough resolution to get great enlargeable copies of my family’s pictures.

… and the search continues for more good family stories.
Diane Miller writes about her family history and genelogy

Meet Diane ……
I “grew up” in the coulees of Montana, with two older brothers, one sister, breaking horses and riding Hell-bent-for-leather. I was born an artist. Received a B.A. in art then a M.S. in Computer Science. For more than 20 years did graphics software development, technical liaison, database design & maintenance, scientific computing, marketing, technical training and writing… some in the 16 years I was at a Fortune 100 Company and other at a small data analysis office in Bozeman, Montana.

The eight years since corporate life? Co-created two corporations, plus started a “New Paradigm” company that serves the employees; taught IT and computer security classes, facilitated authentic intimacy with couples, art and graphic design plus Reiki healing. My passion remains in the arts: digital creation through design and photography, stained glass, oil painting, CAD/CAM jewelry design, drawing, sculpture, website and CD cover and insert design for musicians.

Now you could say I am Electron Cowgirl!

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