Miracles in Minutes

Meet Susan Petersen, a genealogist and creator of the Long Lost Relatives Blog. She recently wrote about her experiences with the flip-pal mobile scanner. Read below!

“The next project was to see just how this works on oversize images. After all, isn’t that the reason that a lot of we genealogists are interested in this product?How to scan large images with flip-pal mobile scanner

I went straight for my grandfather’s childhood scrapbook of magazine photos of horses, cows and pigs. It’s about 12″ x 14″ – maybe even larger. But it’s too big to get a full page on my flatbed scanner. It took me a couple tries to get the auto-stitching software to work, but that was my own fault since I seldom read an instruction manual unless absolutely necessary. Since the software was not recognizing any stitchable regions, I realized that my scans had to overlap with one another. I made 11 scans of the page and here are four of them, just to demonstrate what the individual scanned images look like. Image size is reduced for the blog post.”

Miracles in Minutes

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