Missed Opportunity

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mom and dad dressed up[Editor’s note: Flip-Pal owner Faith recalls a lost opportunity at her recent family reunion]

I traveled 500 miles across two states with my 84 year old mother to attend a family reunion. I don’t normally enjoy these reunions and this was a sort of “I did it for mom” kind of situation. Shortly after we arrived, my cousin produced a stack of old black and white photographs. Before long a group rallied around as everyone tried to identify the people in the old photos. I was slow to become involved but my curiosity began to increase as I kept hearing my dad’s name. Dad has been gone some 20 years now and I thought I’d seen most of the existing photos. A few glances over the shoulders of the others showed me that I was SO wrong. I saw pictures and heard stories of my parents that were completely new. There was a particular photo of mom and dad that captured my heart and I quickly made arrangements to have it emailed to me.

So what was the missed opportunity? I already own a Flip-Pal and it never occurred to me to take it to this reunion. I could have quickly scanned those “new” photos of my dad and easily carried them home. I was really sad after I learned about StoryScans and the microphone that can capture the stories that go with the photos. Remember that photo that captured my heart? Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to have scanned it and recorded my mom’s voice saying, “That was prom night and my dress was a deep aqua covered with black lace. I was mad at your dad that night because he wore his old suit. He had a brand new suit but he told me that the old suit was darker and he thought it looked dressier for the prom.”

I am fortunate in that mom is still with me and I still have a chance to capture that memory and others with the help of the Flip-Pal and StoryScans. Don’t miss out on your opportunity!

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