Pinning Your Family History

Flip-Pal mobile scanner ambassador Thomas MacEntee presented a webinar, Pinning Your Family History, on Tuesday, May 21, 2013, so you could learn how to share your family photos and stories on sites like Pinterest and What Was There. You can see the recorded version of this and other webinars under the Learn More menu.

The “Pinning” Craze and Family History

So what is “pinning” and how does it work? For about the past year, Pinterest and other sites have come up with ways for their users to create online bulletin boards complete with posting of items you like or things you find on the Internet. There are boards for all types of professionals and hobbyists including scrapbookers, knitters, shoppers, cemetery enthusiasts, librarians and yes, even family historians!

Not only has social media taken notice of the pinning craze (and they say that someone who is addicted to pinning needs a “pintervention”), but businesses have noticed as well. Search Pinterest and other sites, and you can find boards and pins for recipes, coupons, special offers and more.

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