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Backup Value Pack

(13 customer reviews)

$234.96 $214.96

This Value Pack is ideal for scanning and backing up your scanned photos. Be prepared, not sorry in case of an accident or loss. Priced $20.00 less than if the items were purchased separately.

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This is the recommended combination for keeping your photos and memorabilia backed up and safeguarded.  The Picture Keeper is an amazingly easy to use backup tool. Its software keeps track of previously copied images so that the next time you plug it into your computer it detects any new pictures you’ve scanned and copies them to the thumb drive! Back up all your scans and photos to the Picture Keeper and then put it in a safety deposit box at your bank. At the beginning of each month, get your Picture Keeper from your safety deposit box, plug it into your computer and it will automatically backup any new scanned items.

You receive the Flip-Pal mobile scanner, Deluxe Carry Case, Cleaning Cloth, and Picture Keeper PK8.

  • The Flip-Pal mobile scanner comes with everything you need to scan right out of the box—the scanner, four AA batteries, 4GB SD memory card, SD to USB adapter, Toolbox software already installed on the SD card, Quick Start User Guide and a one-year limited warranty.
    The Flip-Pal mobile scanner can be used by anyone, anywhere. Conveniently and reliably scan photos, documents and works of art so that they can be stored digitally and then shared with family and friends. The patented flip-and-scan technology allows you to scan larger originals safely—even while they are still in an album or frame.
    Record voice and merge it with the scan to create an image that speaks.
  • The Deluxe Carry Case with Pocket protects your Flip-Pal from wear and tear and keeps you organized while you are on the move. You can use the convenient 5.5-inch deep pocket to store your batteries, battery charger, USB adapter and spare SD cards. The carry case comes in your choice of colors, has foam protective cushioning, has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap and is made of a durable lamination of polyester to a PVC backing with heavy-duty nylon zippers.
  • Flip-Pal Cleaning Cloth: Clean fingerprints and smudges from your Flip-Pal mobile scanner with this generous 10″ x 10″ microfiber cleaning cloth. A plush cleaning cloth, with rounded corners and a screened 2-color logo, easily slides into the pocket of your Deluxe Flip-Pal Carry Case – keeping it handy when you are on the move.
  • Picture Keeper PK8:  The best all-in-one product with built-in software to backup pictures and other irreplaceables. What would happen if you lost all of your pictures? With Picture Keeper it’s easy to keep all of your photos safe! Just insert Picture Keeper into any USB port on your computer, click “Start Backup” and Picture Keeper automatically finds and saves all your pictures. That’s it! They are all right there on the Picture Keeper drive. What’s more, subsequent backups are fast because Picture Keeper will only copy the newest images when you use it again to save your recently added or changed pictures. Hold over 4,000 scans. 

StoryScans logoEasily transform your images into stories. The activated Toolbox 4 software combines recorded voice with the scan into a small and also high fidelity file that can be shared universally.

StoryScans talking images are easy to create.  Simply Select the scan, Record the voice, and Save to create the StoryScans file.  For your Windows or OS-X computer, use the Flip-Pal Toolbox 4 software.  For your iOS device (iOS 7.0 or later, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), use the Flip-Pal ScanTools app from iTunes.  Available from Google Play for Android devices (phones and pads from Galaxy, LG, Samsung, Sony, and many others).

StoryScans talking images are easy to share. The small file contains both sight and sound and won’t get separated when sending via email, posting on social media, or uploading to the cloud. The Flip-Pal Toolbox 4 software includes automated uploads to your account on Facebook, Dropbox, or Evernote. On your mobile devices, use your favorite apps to share. StoryScans files are industry-standard mp4 files and do not require an additional player.

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Weight 3.7 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 3 in

13 reviews for Backup Value Pack

  1. Barry

    LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I have taken this on several trips with family and have scanned hundreds
    of photos that they would never have let out of their house otherwise!

  2. Linda

    Great little scanner. Other reviewers have done a much better job than I could but I will add that the scans it makes are much clearer than the scanner on my printer, and the stitch feature is awesome.

  3. Elaine

    Great little scanner. Love that it is so portable. I take it along to relatives so I can get photo copies on the spot.

  4. Margaret

    What a wonderful device! I have 1,000’s of unsorted photos, and many albums, and had despaired of ever being able to organize and preserve them. My regular scanner made copying each photo a chore and I was afraid I would never live long enough to do them all. Flip-Pal is just wonderful!

  5. F Welsch

    Much faster than any scanner I’ve ever used. Using it to scan old pictures that are beginning to fade. Happy to make them digital and fresh once again. Recommend this scanner to everyone.

  6. Doug

    I wanted to express my deep satisfaction with the Flip-Pal scanner. It enabled me to quickly and (very) efficiently scan almost 400 photo prints of my family, and I did the entire project in one evening, while watching television! The scanner performed flawlessly, capturing each print at 600 dpi in well under a minute. I was hustling to keep loading prints. I started with a fresh set of rechargeable batteries and still had power after a couple of hours of nonstop scanning. The images were excellent and required only rotation in a few cases and a little cropping here and there. The software and hardware are great. This is a TOOL and just HAMMERS out the work. I’m a very happy customer.

  7. Kati

    Thanks so much for your prompt attention and help. Not many companies have your willingness to go the distance to stand behind their product. I am a very satisfied customer.

  8. Sandra

    This is really a handy little scanner. I used it to make a DVD for our class reunion. Classmates brought old pictures to our meetings and it was just the tool I needed to scan them and return the pictures.

  9. M Moser

    This is the best little scanner. Very easy to use. I got it for postcrossing to easily scan my postcards. I have had a couple cards that were too big to scan so used the stitch feature and it worked perfectly, you can’t tell on the final picture it looks seamless. I am looking forward to taking this to my Mom’s to start scanning some of our old photographs.

  10. Charlotte

    I have been scanning madly since I received your scanner. I have thousands (really) of photographs from the 80 years of my life plus many others from our large extended family. I’m thrilled with my Flip-Pal scanner and send thanks to those of you who made this Flip-Pal scanner a reality. I will explore other uses for Flip-Pal. Just having fun at the moment. Aloha.

  11. Greg

    I have “sold” 3 of these to friends and family already and will continue to toot the Flip-Pal horn! I’m a shopper and this is my BEST PURCHASE in quite awhile!

  12. Joe

    Fantastic scanner. Easy to use and is super convenient. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a portable scanner for photos or postcards. I can finally digitize 30 years of photographs to share with family and I love the idea of being able to have copies of everything on a card safely stored away in our safety deposit box.

  13. Ellen

    I LOVE that the Flip-Pal is ready to go right out of the box! I was scanning within a minute of opening the package! I had 3 albums of pictures that I had attempted to scan at various times over the past couple of years but gave up because it was SO TIME CONSUMING–take them out of the album, line them up on the scanner (3-4 at a time), wait for them to scan, open the file up in Photoshop, align them properly, crop, name and save them, rinse and repeat! UGH! With the Flip-Pal, ALL I had to do was take off the cover, flip the scanner over onto the album, hit the button, and repeat for the next picture!

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